The first blog entry!

Wow I did it! Day one of my new blog! Pretty excited to have an outlet to just be me and type away. Kind of feel a little Carrie Bradshaw-esk. The snow is falling which sets the mood, I'm talking in my head as I tilt to the right, then to the left and just ponder...will my kid ever fall asleep? 

She's usually a really great sleeper but damn these last two days are starting to make me wonder when do naps end? The thought of no naps is enough to make me want to go eat some chocolate! I'll just blame it on teething. Yea that's it. She's just not going to sleep...wait is that silence I hear. Crap. Now I can't make any noise until she wakes up! 

What do you do while your child naps? Sleep, clean, binge watch TV? yea, me too. Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog was to give me a reason to put on a bra, get out of my cozy fleece pants and go see the world! Or at least go to the library or go for a walk! I'm not going to lie, I love this snow but taking a toddler out who loves it and does not want to come back in even if her nose has gone numb is not the most fun way to get out and see the town! Time to suck it up, freeze my toes off and let my little girl run in the snow! 

I hope you enjoy what is to come, there will be many topics and how I try not to screw up my child, what to do until summer arrives, and whatever else comes out of my mouth. Is it too early for a Cosmo? What would Carrie do? (enter more head tilts as I stare out the window)