Day 1 of 'make Tracy fit again'

Sometimes that hardest part of starting something is doing it! You think about it and think about it, procrastinate, come up with excuses until one day you just do it! Well that was me today! I downloaded the 7 min workout app and damn did it feel good to do it. The best was I did more than 7 minutes because it goes by so quick. Mentally you are not thinking oh man I have to put in 30 minutes or more. You are thinking hell yea I can do 7 minutes. My good friend told me about this app so long ago and guess what. I kept putting it off like oh yea whatever I'll get around to it eventually. 

I used to get in a yoga session here or there when I would put my daughter down for a nap but then I realized I liked my alone time being lazy on the couch while she was napping. I couldn't waste 30 minutes of my precious alone time to get sweaty. You know what the best part of working out this morning was. Is that while I was doing jumping jacks she was watching me and bouncing up and down. When I laid on the floor to do planks and crunches, she was right there next to me, even sitting on me. She was having a blast and so was I. 

So here we are, day 1 of make Tracy fit again. I'm doing it and especially now that I'm going to blog my progress every two weeks or so I am going to have to stick with it! I don't want to come back and say oh yea I quit doing that. The CEO of It Works, who is an amazing leader and coach, has the tag line of commit don't quit. And its so true. Its true in my business and true with my goals. He has really been a great inspiration for when it comes to setting goals and sticking to it. I

I felt so lazy and depressed this last year that I am committing to changing that. Because you have to make the choice to change your eating habits, workout routine, business practices, mental happiness and whatever else it is that you which to achieve! you could look at a tiny ball of snow rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger as it goes in two ways. Like the first day you choose to eat a cookie. No big deal its one cookie, but the next day you eat two cookies, and by the third week as that snowball starts getting bigger you say screw it and eat two cookies with a bowl of ice cream. Yea I mixed vanilla and rocky road with those amazingly soft chocolate chip cookies I made for Christmas and damn did it taste good. But before I knew it I was feeling like the biggest snowball I've ever been. Heavy, round and tired from rolling down the hill. 

But now I am switching my mindset. I want to change how that snowball starts out. A small salad today, maybe some boring ass almonds for a snack, and chicken and veggies for dinner. My snowball is going to pick up momentum as I work out everyday and roll faster and faster down that hill with speed because I will be feeling good and having a good ass time doing it. Am I going to crave sweets, want to eat cookies and ice cream, hell yea I am. But I will figure out those cravings and switching to a dessert like chia seed pudding. Mentally tell myself that its as good as tapioca. Because I want to see change. I want to be big and strong at the bottom of that hill because I ran with it not got run over by it!! You can do it too..its all mental and we can do it together!!